Ambon Tourism Map

Ambon Tourism Map

Ambon Tourism Map. / Peta Wisata Ambon. click to enlarge

Naku Village

There is a nice beach in Naku village facing the Banda Sea with clear water off this beach, an ideal spot for sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Around the beach one can find Anihang, a 15 m height waterfall. There is also a cave named Liang Kupang, located on a small cape, which was the hiding place of the army of the WW II. Human bones were found in the cave. This village is cleaned every year in a traditional ceremony. Other attractive events are the wedding ceremony, the coronation of the Raja (King), the inauguration of the village staffs and the legislative assembly. At night “antar sontong” by the fishermen is very interesting to join. Using the outriggers canoe and kerosene pressure lantern, from the deep sea, squids are gathered together and are stimulated to follow the light to come closer to the shore where people are waiting to get them by bailing them out of the sea.

Morela Village

The local people of Morela, still keep their traditional life system. Most of them are farmers and fishermen. Some ceremonies the people still have are ” Maso Minta” and the Raja ( King ) coronation. The other cultural attractions are the war dance/cakalele, the well known “pukul manyapu ” performance, perform-ed every year on the 7th day after the Idhul Fitri.
This village has a very fantastic under water sceneries not only for diving , snorkeling but just sitting on a canoe, paddling slowly along the coast and view down the beautiful scenery.

Lelisa Beach

Lelisa Beach is in the village of Latu-halat on the cape of Nusaniwe. Neighboring Namalatu beach, it has 16 cottages and also a restaurant. Coral formations just off the white sandy beach are the typical of this shoreline. The water is quite shallow close to the shore, and coral reefs are visible at low tide.
Lelisa Beach is a popular recreation spot for swimming, diving, snorkeling and sun bathing.
One can get there by taking the Latuhalat minibus. Some of the villagers in the surrounding area also provide homestays.

Hukurila Village

Hukurila doesn’t have long beach, but it has beautiful dive spots. The beach and the shore line are rocky and in the east monsoon there grow 5 kinds of “Coral Vegetables”. Three of them can be processed in specific Maluku way to be very delicious dishes, while the other two are used as baits for fishing. At the end of March or at the beginning of April, Timba Laor, a traditional torch feast to bail the Laor (Lycide Oele) among the coral reefs is very interesting. Laor live in coral Reefs and usually appear one or two days after the full – moon at the
end of March or at the beginning of April. It can be processed in specific Maluku way to be a very delicious dish. They have also Bunga Karang, several coral high protein species, appear and taken during the high waves monsoon, can be processed to be a delicious dish. Take the bus from the city to reach the village.

Liang Village

Liang village is known for its beautiful beach. Like the Halong village, Liang is also known for its Crazy Bamboo performance.The old Mosque built in the year 1645, although it has been renovated several times, like the Raja residence, the original architecture of the building is not changed . The coronation of the Raja is also an interesting attraction. One of the Maluku famous poet, D.W.Sijaranamual spent his last time here in Mamala. He always criticized the Colonialism at that time. He was sought, and hide himself in Mamala, but later got sick and passed away in this village. His tomb is still there in the village of Mamala

Tirta Kencana

Tirta Kencana is a resort with hotel / cottages, a restaurant, pub and karaoke. It is located right on the beach of Amahusu village. From here one has a splendid view of the sunset.
This spot is the finish mark of the annual Darwin-to-Ambon Yacht Race, as well as for moorings and post-race events.
It is only about 15 minutes away from the downtown. Take an Amahusu minibus to get there.
The water is beautiful and clear and it is an ideal spot for bathing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. The scenery is very beautiful and attractive. Namalatu is one of the island’s diving activity centers.
The name of this beach is derived from Nama and Latu, which respectively means Name and King. Minibuses are easy to catch from the downtown. Just take the Latuhalat minibus. Disembark right in front of the beach.

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